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Sponsorship opportunities for the 2020 Yungaburra Triathlon are now available.
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Proud Sponsors


The Tablelands Regional Council has been a major sponsor of the Yungaburra Triathlon since the inaugural event.

More details about the Tablelands Regional Council can be found at their  website Facebook page, Twitter or  Google+.

Tips from Tablelands Regional Council

  1. Bring the whole family! The Yungaburra Triathlon is a perfect family weekend away on the Tablelands. We have kids and smaller adult races on the Saturday with the big races taking place on Sunday.
  2. Book your accommodation on time. With over 1,000 competitors and spectators travelling up to Yungaburra for the weekend you’d want to book your hotel room, campsite or luxurious holiday home sooner than later.
  3. Check the road closures and get to the event in time. The access road to the event will be closed prior to the race start on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Yungaburra Triathlon!

Jodie Coco, Events Officer at Tableland Regional Council



Care Chiropratic QLD

Care Chiropractic QLD is proud to be a sponsor of the Yungaburra Triathlon.

Sustaining prolonged periods of exercise requires a lot of hard work from one’s body. A triathlon is no exception.

Not only do you have to balance three sports (some say four if you include transition) but you also have to recover properly if you are to have any sort of longevity with racing.

Tips from Care Chiropractic QLD

Increase Flexibility & Strength: Most people these days are infatuated with stretching but over stretching is just as harmful as giving it a miss. Dynamic warmups are more beneficial then lots of stretching on race day. You want your body to be coiled like a spring, not a limp noodle.
Regain Balance: Regardless of whether you have a spine, ankle, knee or wrist injury, having your body balanced is vital. Just like stretching, do it both sides and work on your imbalances because a body that is in balance is less likely to get injured.
Proper Posture and Joint Function: There are certain positions in swimming, cycling and running which will result in performance gains. Technique, coaching and bike fits are all vital if you want to get the most out of your body. Having a professional assess any injury as well as your posture, balance and motion should be an integral part of any athlete’s program. The ultimate goal is to get you back racing, prevent re-injury and enhance overall performance. A gram of prevention is worth a tonne of cure.

Please support Care Chiropractic QLD and visit them at their website.


Our sports dietitians at Health Management support athletes meet their training and performance goals.

Tips from Health Management Dietitians

Essential in helping you reach your full potential. Have you planned your race day nutrition plan? This is just as important as ensuring your bike is running smoothly.
Ensure you are drinking regularly throughout the day prior and during race day. We recommend you determine your sweat rate and sodium requirements to prevent any weakness, confusion, loss of appetite and nausea particularly in Cairns.
a. Carbohydrates are an important part of fueling performance and getting the most out of your body, however some people don’t tolerate some types of carbohydrate supplements such as gels. It is important to trial a variety of carbohydrate supplements and foods and discuss with a Sports Dietitian to ensure limited discomfort occurs on race day.
b. Aiming for a low GI higher carbohydrate breakfast before training and race day about 2-3 hours before is beneficial. E.g. Rolled oats and banana
Protein is essential to enhance recovery and repair muscle damage. Aim to eat or drink a source of protein within the first hour after exercise. Sometimes liquids are better tolerated post exercise.
(i.e. Chocolate milk, lean chicken salad sandwich, smoothie, protein shake)
Supplement use can be tailored to help athletes meet their individual nutrition requirements. Ensure you discuss with a Sports Dietitian what are the most appropriate supplements to be taking. There are a variety of quality supplements available including sports drinks, gels, energy bars, chews and real food etc.
Including a quality sports drink into your race plan is encouraged to ensure you are staying well hydrated and fuelled.
a. REFUEL – Ensure carbohydrate is consumed in smaller quantities post exercise to top up depleted energy stores
b. REBUILD – Include a source of protein post race to aid recovery and repair muscle damage
c. REHYDRATE – Aim to replace 150% of fluid loss post exercise


Swimfit offers Adult learn-to-swim, stroke correction and swim for fitness sessions in Port Douglas.
For more information click here.

Tips from Swimfit

  1. Train in the pool to work on your fitness, but definitely include open water swimming in your training for the Yungaburra Triathlon as well. Don’t let race day be the first time you swim in open water.
  2. You will most probably be allowed to wear a wetsuit on race day. Make sure you practice swimming in the wetsuit you are planning to wear on race day. Swimming with a wetsuit is a lot different and is something to get used to. Choose wetsuit that is tight and doesn’t scoop water around your neck. Sleeves or no sleeves? This is up to you!
  3. The number one priority when swimming is to maintain a streamlined body position; Head down, bum up! Don’t let your legs dangle down as this creates drag and make you work harder to get to the end of the swim. Look down and push down on your chest and head, this will make your legs come up high in the water.

Enjoy training and I’m looking forward to seeing you on race day!

Irene Cats, Owner & Coach at Swimfit Port Douglas





Proud Supporters



Coral Coast Riders have been a sponsor of the Yungaburra Triathlon since the inaugural event.

Coral Coast Riders are dedicated to socially-minded riders who support learner riders and enjoy our mutual interest of motorcycling.

Please support the Coral Coast Riders and visit them at their  Facebook and on  Twitter.


Queensland Surf Life Saving is proud to be a Gold sponsor of the Yungaburra Triathlon.

Queensland Surf Life Saving provides support and direction for clubs to ensure a safe aquatic environment and promote life saving services, youth development and surf sports

Please support Queensland Surf Life Saving and visit them at their website or on Facebook.


The Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club is proud to be a sponsor of the Yungaburra Triathlon and provides the use of their Equipment Trailer and Bike Rack Trailer to ensure the best event possible with the right equipment!


Ravenshoe-Gulf Country Community Limited is a proud Sponsor of the Yungaburra Triathlon. We love that this local community bank is one of our new Bronze level sponsors supporting us in 2018! Please visit them https://www.bendigobank.com.au/…/our…/ravenshoe-gulf-country



Special Mentions

Thank you to the following for their kind support of the Yungaburra Triathlon 2019:


Malanda Chamber of Commerce

Tableland Adventure Guides

Yungaburra Foodworks

SPAR Malanda

IGA Atherton

Multisport Australia

Atherton Trophies and Engraving

Queensland Ambulance Service

Triathlon Australia

Triathlon QLD

Solider On Organisation

Mate4Mates Organisation

The Afghanistan Avenue of Honour