Soldier On


The Yungaburra Triathlon is extremely proud to support the Soldier On organisation.
Soldier On supports Australian service men and women who have been wounded, physically or psychologically in contemporary conflicts. This includes conflicts after 1990, as well as serving members who were wounded in training or other exercises and individuals working for other Government agencies (DFAT, AFP, Customs). We are not part of the RSL, Legacy or the Department of Veterans Affairs, but are excited to work with these organisations to support Australia’s young service men and women.

Soldier On does this in several different ways, in an effort to make a financial, physical and emotional link with those who have been wounded. The four areas we work to help – wellbeing, community and family, the future, and reintegration and recovery centers.

Here is John Bale with a message of thanks for supporting the Yungaburra Triathlon:


Founded in 2012, the organisation was inspired by the death of a friend. Lieutenant Michael Fussell was killed in an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2008 and his friend John Bale looked for a way to support those who survived the blast.

He quickly realised there was no easy or accessible way for members of the Defence forces, or the public, to show their support for those wounded in battle.

With his wife Danielle, they reached out to his fellow soldiers and enlisted the help of Cavin Wilson, who had been posted in Afghanistan, involved in returning soldiers killed or wounded in action. Together they decided it was time to start an organisation that connected these men and women to the wider public, ensuring these brave sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen could be cared for and lead fulfilling and successful lives.