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4 FAQs

  • Are wetsuits allowed for the swim?

    The determination regarding wetsuits is made by the Technical Delegate / Race Referee on the day of the event in accordance with the Race Competition Rules.

    For this event, there is no way to advise in advance if wetsuits will be optional. Prior events have been wetsuit optional and depending on weather conditions we apply for a special ruling to encourage participation. This allows you to use a wetsuit when the water temp is under 24.5°C, not the standard 22°C.

    So if you are willing to take the chance and would like to compete in a wetsuit then bring it along just in case!

  • Where can I find out information about the course?

    Details about the Triathlon are kept on the Course Information page. Videos, Strava and Garmin files and maps are all here.

    Information from previous years is kept as well and can be accessed from the menu.

  • What is the best time to arrive to avoid road closures?

    As our traffic control management team have over 20km of road to safely close and manage this event, and as police have approved roads to close from 5am for them to do this, we need to recommend you be on site before the road closures are legally in place from as we cannot guarantee you will get through the road closure points as we don't know which roads (as there are so very many!) they will be closing first.

    We know a lot of athletes are coming from Cairns and some are staying in our beautiful region the night before to avoid an early start, but those that aren't you are just going to have to get out of bed an hour earlier than last year. We simply cannot help this and we know you will likely be tired after your race so we recommend you bring a friend to help with the drive, stay overnight or have a sleep before making the drive back down the range. If we say you can access site/roads later than the road closure times,  and you can't and you get stuck, well we don't want that responsibility. We can't help you if you get stuck at a road closure. And registration closes at 6am sharp on Sunday so it would be best if you allowed enough time to park and register well before the 6am cut off.

  • I did not get an email for Triathlon Australia with my One Day Membership (ODM) proof. What do I do?

    Triathlon Australia does not send emails regarding ODM (One Day Membership) to athletes.

    To ensure you are covered for the event, please bring a copy of your registration email from Register Now, showing your entry number, name and ODM details. You will need to present these to the volunteer at the registration area.